Seaglass Photography

By the River Senior Photos | Vero Beach

Zadie understood the assignment! We love to encourage our High School Seniors to choose locations and outfits that truly represents who they are in this moment in time. The first thing that her mom said to me was “she does not want the beach”. As much as I personally love the beach, I could not be more happy to hear those words! This allowed us to focus on what Zadie loves. The list of things was nothing short of inspiring. Her dog, the violin and of course, rowing. Her passion for rowing was apparent anytime we brought it up. So what better place than the Vero Beach Rowing Club House. For a bonus, the clubhouse was in the heart of one of our favorite areas of town. Jumping from the beautiful oaks, to the clubhouse and for the grand finale, a stunning sunset on the river. Riverside Park in Vero Beach is a photographers dreamland. The combination of her spunky, fun loving personality with the beauty of our town, made for a unforgettable photoshoot!

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