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Enchanted Elegance: Waldo’s Secret Garden Wedding

Waldo’s Secret Garden holds a special place in our hearts, but Caleb and Brooklyn’s wedding took us to new heights of enchanted beauty. It wasn’t just the jaw dropping flowers hanging from the ceiling that had us swooning. The love between Caleb and Brooklyn was something out of a fairytale, high school sweethearts saying I do in the most magical way.

Narrowing down the photos for this blog post was a daunting task – every image seemed to hold its own magic. We wanted to ensure that their story was told in its entirety, leaving no detail unnoticed. We invite you to immerse yourself in the moments captured through the lens of our camera, and we hope you find as much joy in reliving their special day as we did in capturing it.

I adore this image above! It perfectly embodies our storytelling style. We prefer to document the wedding dress in a way that tells a story. While hanging it on a beautiful door, tree, or chandelier can be stunning, it lacks narrative. We thrive on capturing details within a moment. This way, we are able to stay focused on the people that matter most.

Making time for an iconic image with a dinosaur is a must. LOL

I am not sure what I love more… the way the best man is looking at him, or how grooms dad reached out his sons hand in anticipation. These are the moments as a photographer that I live for. My job feels like a scavenger hunt of little moments waiting to be discovered.

Wedding days often throw unpredictable curveballs our way, such as schedules running behind. When this happens it will alter the lighting for formal photos. For this wedding the altered timeline sent us past sunset and into evening light. Luckily, Waldo’s Secret Garden is adorned with beautiful lights and add a touch of magic to the atmosphere, ensuring unforgettable moments are still captured.

The details!!!!! OMG!!!!! The incredible, magical details!!! Laras Theme and Mimosas and Moonshine teamed together transforming the space into a true garden fantasy.

Unpredictable moments… like when the groom feeds himself instead of his bride!!! So funny! We’ve got to give a huge shoutout to the bride’s sister, who not only rocked being a bridesmaid at 7 months pregnant but also took charge in the kitchen. This super mom whipped up all the delicious food, and crafted the stunning cake and desserts!

What a priceless surprise! You can feel the groom’s reaction as he discovers his bride’s stunning gown change.

Pro wedding photography tip: Sneak away during the reception for fun and unique photos! It’s a chance to be alone together and capture unforgettable moments in a flash. These shots, created in under 10 minutes, became cherished memories!

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