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How We Edit | Vero Beach Family Photographer

Editing is the hidden part of photography that isn’t talked about much. We love to bring our clients behind the scenes and create together a final image that exceeds their expectations. After each session, we view BASIC edited images with our clients. During the viewing, clients may request EXTENDED edits to address a variety of details.

First up… what exactly is BASIC edit? The first image below shows the image straight out of camera (or SOOC) The next image shows the basic editing of color, exposure, and straightening of the horizon. When cropping, we chose to remove the boy on the right to provide a clean moment of just the girl. Stunning right!?

While some images are perfect with basic editing… others may need some additional TLC. This is where we bring in the big guns and our editor who specializes in photoshop.

So, what exactly is EXTENDED editing? This can be a variety of things and the possibilities are almost endless. We provide clients with a judgment-free zone and talk freely to address any concerns. During the photoshoot, we are more focused on the feelings of joy, real smiles, and connections. Stopping families to “perfect the outfit or move angles to avoid people” only hinders those feelings. We can photoshop a lot of things, but we cannot photoshop a feeling. Beach photography is a beast of it’s own. Elements such as wind and sand can create less flattering looks. No matter the angle, wind can blow your clothing or hair in a way that creates a …. well… crazy windblown look. These things and more are talked about during the viewing. We do not photoshop anything without expressed requests from clients. Below are examples of those requests.

Here is our little secret trick to creating that beautiful family portrait with everyone smiling with eyes open. We often work with little wiggle worms making it difficult to get that one shot.

The image on the left had great smiles from the little girl, but we (us and the clients) didn’t love the hand placement and also preferred dad’s face in the image on the right. Our editor did a fantastic job combing the favorite elements into one stunning portrait!

Below are more examples of what our style of shooting and editing can achieve.

Let’s talk about the beach wind! Ugh! Total pain in the butt. Often the wind can make clothing less than appealing. No worries, our editor is to the rescue! We want each client to be able to proudly display their images in their home with full confidence. All of our products include extended edits.

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