Seaglass Photography

Wish Come True | Disney Vero Beach Family

Liz told me that she always wanted family beach photos dressed in white shirts and denim. While on vacation at the Disney Vero Beach Resort, we were thrilled to make that dream a reality. These mom’s of twins and a toddler were a little bit worried about how their children would behave for photos. This is a common worry I’m sure all parents have in common. Kids are unpredictable. With their young age in mind, we opted for a morning session. Luckily it was still spring before the summer heat was a problem. It was a beautiful morning. The kids were happy and having fun. Of course portrait time (look at the camera and smile) was chaotic at times. For this reason, we call in our secret weapon…. yes, photoshop. While shooting, we are mindful of the end result. By setting up photos for success, our editor it able to combine multiple photos and create one magical image. Disney isn’t the only one with a little bit of magic 🙂

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