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Family and the Grasshopper | Vero Beach

The session started with a family of 4 and ended with more. And by more, we also include the special surprise guest… a little grasshopper making its way through the sandy beach as we were leaving. I swear the best surprises happen when we say, “OK, we are done taking pictures” LOL. The day was extremely windy and the beach had a ton of seaweed. Lucky for us, we have an amazing editor to magically clean it up. They say grasshoppers are good luck… and I say that we didn’t need luck, because our awesome go-with-the-flow clients are all that we need.

Some Before and Afters include cleaning up the seaweed, composites to ensure everyone is looking and smiling at the camera and cleaning up windblown hair and clothes. All edits are discussed with clients prior to finalizing the order. We love bringing our clients into the creative process to help overcome the hard elements of taking pictures at the beach…. and/or crazy toddlers!