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Common Q & A

We are SO HAPPY that you are here! We welcome you to follow along here to find out if Seaglass Photography is best suited for you and your family as not all photographers work the same.

Who will be my photographer?

Angie and Danny Tappen together will be photographing your family. Each one capturing different aspects of the

session. Working as a team, we are able to create an ENJOYABLE time together. 4 eyes are better than 2 and also

allows us to look at the little details while also managing the little ones.

Do I really need 2 photographers and a full hour?

Great question! We honestly like to keep sessions around 45 minutes but allow up to an hour. During the consult, we

can discuss how much time is needed to meet your goals. If you have young children, then YES! We highly highly

recommend 2 photographers. We know that most kids (and some adults) have short attention spans when it comes

to taking photographs. Working as a team allows us to work quickly without feeling rushed.

Any tips to prepare for photos on the beach?

Oh YES! We have allot of tips to help you and your family prepare for your session. There are many beach elements

(like wind) that play apart in your final look. Each client will receive our guide to help you best dress for the beach

background. We also have an AMAZING editor to assist in cleaning up any windblown hair or clothes.

What editing do you include?

This is one question that I love to answer! Our clients are invited into our editing process by viewing and discussing

editing options together before sending the final product. Your first viewing will include basic editing of light and

color. We create a judgment-free atmosphere for clients to express any concerns they may have. We understand

that the beach wind can create less than ideal body and hair images. Our editor masterfully corrects this when

requested. Hair, skin, and/or clothing are only edited when requested by the client. Below are some perfect

examples of how we create clean beautiful images.

………… BEFORE ……………. …………… AFTER ……………

As you can see, our final editing includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Removing of distracting objects like seaweed and other beach goers.
  • Smoothing out of clothing wrinkles for more flattering look.
  • Compositions to ensure that all children are smiling at the camera
  • Removing of flyaway hair.

What happens if our session is rained out?

When booking with us, we decide ahead of time a backup plan. This helps to take some of the stress and pressure

for us both. In the unlikely event of being unable to reschedule, monies paid may be eligible for a refund.

What is the difference between Classic Photos and Candid Photos?

Classic Photos are images where you are directed where to stand, looking at the camera and smiling. We begin

your session with about 10 minutes of formals. Typically we provide the following formal images:

  • Everyone together
  • Just the kids
  • Each child
  • Mom with kids
  • Dad with kids
  • Just mom and dad

Depending on the mood of the children, we capture these in the beginning or spread them out. Our goal is to

capture a genuine smile from each family member.

Candid Photos involve movement and not looking at the camera. These images are sometimes directed, like

walking hand in hand on the shoreline. Other times it can be undirected as we love to allow things to unfold

naturally. During the session, we provide parents with tips to best interact with each other that feel natural and looks


candid family photo at sunset with dad throwing daughter in the air wearing white and navy n Vero Beach Florida by Seaglass Photography at Disney Vero Beach Resort DVC

Will I receive the digitals after my session?

I am about to show my age here….lol. We have experienced the photography world all the way

from developing film in the lab to sending digital files through the web. After about 10 years of

being in the digital age of photography, I started to follow up with clients about their images.

What I found made me so sad. Many of the clients did NOTHING with their photos except store

them somewhere. The images were not being enjoyed, they were simply lost in a sea of data. One

of the reasons for this was that clients were overwhelmed with making the decision on how to

best display the images in their homes. From this point on, we revamped our service which allows

us to assist our clients in wall displays or album designs. Digitals are offered as a part of a

package or A’la Carte. There is no extra cost for our design services during the initial viewing.

What other products do you offer?

Can we start with my favorite product???? The albums are hands down my favorite. They display beautifully in the

home and easy to grab to show off to family. They are also a wonderful heirloom product perfect to hand down from

generation to generation. Our second favorite is the beautifully printed wrap-around Canvas Gallery. This is a

perfect option for those wanting larger images without the high cost of specialty framing.

How much do the products cost?

Products range from $85 (small print) to $1850 (60 image Album). Please contact us for our current product menu.

A note from your photographer…

I do hope that you find this information helpful in finding the perfect fit for your family. Our goal for each client is to provide them with a sense of being taken care of. Life is crazy, hectic and unpredictable. Allow us to provide top notch customer service and amazing family memories that will last for generations to enjoy. I appreciate you and your time.

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