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4 Days to Plan | Riverside Park Family

We worked together and pulled off an amazing session. Outfits were planned and purchased with only days till the photoshoot. (Thank you Amazon Prime.) Yup, it was a Monday evening and together we texted back and forth ideas for what the family should wear. The planning all started with the mom’s dress which she already had. (My #1 tip is to ALWAYS start with mom) After viewing photos of her favorite images, I suggest solid light blue dress. Not only is it a beautiful color, but the ease of coordinating with the family would pay off. From Tuesday till Thursday morning it rained non-stop. Thankfully the rain created beautiful skies and even a little pond perfect for photos.

We get it! Planning your family session can feel stressful… but it doesn’t have to be. Allow us to help you through the process. With many years of experience, we are happy to spend the time guiding you through each step of the way.

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