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Flower Crowns with Lara’s Theme

What is more fun than creating your own flower crown with your daughter (or granddaughter) . We had an amazing evening hanging out with other moms as Lara walked us through how to create your own flower crown. Spoiler alert… it is way harder than you think. LOL The kids (and parents) rocked their individual looks. They each were able to choose from all sorts of roses and greenery. The colors also varied in pinks and peaches. Did you now that there are 2 ways to attach the flowers to the crown? Yup, there is a special flower glue and flower tape that works best. While the glue was a bit easier, it was also a little bit more messy than the tape. Thankfully we had the professional with us guiding the way. It is always fun to gather together with other parents to create art. All of the kids were so good and we all had a blast.

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