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It’s not easy being the child of a photographer. The camera is always out and the “perfect light”!!! Standing in the perfect light is just oh so difficult for kids, right! LOL Thankfully, I have a secret weapon that takes my pictures from “cheeeeeese” to pure joyful smile.   This first image here is was […]

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One of the coolest things about our job is meeting amazing people like this family! The “G” family chose our little town to celebrate the love of two people. 50 years of love to be exact!! My heart is so happy to capture joyful occasions such as this.

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๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ I’ve got SUNSHINE on a cloudy day! ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ I know that it sounds crazy… but I am sure that Temptations were thinking of this bride when they wrote the song “My Girl”. Yes, this it was released well before she was born… but I am convinced of it! When your destination beach wedding get’s […]

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Yes, Florida! The sunshine state! It can be so bright (and hot) here leaving our clients squinting if we shoot at the wrong time of day. There is a reason why the last hour of sunlight is called the “golden hour” and why most (if not all) photographer insists on shooting only during that time. […]

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Seems like just yesterday we were downtown photographing their engagement and wedding. Now, here we are downtown again plus one! This butterball of joy joined us in the studio for some newborn’ish photos. At 2 months new, we love the personality and eye contact she gave us the entire time ๐Ÿ™‚    

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When you are asked to cruise along for a 21st birthday girl, you immediately say HECK YEAH! Then you day dream about all of the shenanigans and laughter that you get to capture. Needless to say that we were not disappointed one bit. So much laughter! Each day was a theme. From pirate night to […]

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Cuteness Alert!!! Words cannot describe how much we adore this family and these photos. So we will just let you sit back and “Oooooohhhh and Ahhhhhhh” over this sweet baby boy!

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This right here is what we love about photographing families who come from all over the world to be together. This time is short and it doesn’t happen often to have everyone together. In addition to the traditional formal picture, we give families the freedom to “just be” . To be joyful, carefree and to […]

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