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You will often hear me say that JULY is our favorite month for family beach pictures… these gorgeous images right here are exactly why we love July! The ambient and colorful glow of the sky is the icing on the cake for this already beautiful family. This only happens in July when we can still […]

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Ahhhhh!!! Summer time and the living is easy. The 4th of July can’t get here quick enough. It’s the highlight of the summer and many memories are always waiting to be captured. This includes day time on the water and night time with the majestic fireworks. Here are our favorite tips to help you capture […]

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Yes! No more school and lots of family memories are about to be made. I loved spending the evening with the P. family. Documentary sessions like this fuel my heart and soul. If you stop to think about it, there are only but a few summers with our kids while they are little. While they […]

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When you fly half way across the world to be married in the sunshine state, rain is the last thing you expect. Well, for this wedding party, rain is what they got. Luckily, in true Florida fashion, the rain did not last all day. Walking outside after the ceremony to no rain gave this couple […]

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At 1:30 pm this mom was sent home from the hospital at only 3 cmm dilated. With that, we prepared for the long haul. Just a few hours later, and only minutes of getting to the hospital, baby girl was born with barely a push! “It was like a movie” her husband says as he […]

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Warning! This post may give you baby fever! I mean, just look at this sweet face! It’s a good thing that she has 2 protective older brothers watching over her.

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“Just warning you, our youngest refuses to look at the camera and smile” Words we hear often from clients. My response, “Oh, just you wait and see us work out magic” You see, I love working with kids! Especially young ones who just want to be wild and free. These kind of people are my […]

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I am so proud to bring you this story of time lost and love found.  It all started with a father and daughter who lived miles apart each taking a simple test. Unknowingly, they each signed up for 23 and me genetic testing.  One day an email arrived to Amy saying that the data base […]

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