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When your fur baby is the most…

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Family and their dog in Vero Beach Florida

The ease of a family session when we ….

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What is more fun than creating your own flower crown with your daughter (or granddaughter) . We had an amazing evening hanging out with other moms as Lara walked us through how to create your own flower crown. Spoiler alert… it is way harder than you think. LOL The kids (and parents) rocked their individual […]

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Families making flower crowns in Vero Beach Florida

When the skies at the Disney Vero Beach Resort are …

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mom kissing baby at colorful sunrise on the beach at Disney Vero Beach Resort by Seaglass Photography

So precious! So sweet! So tiny! I could go on and on and on about this adorable newborn. What is it about babies that make you stop and just stare at for hours?

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Newborn girl being held by her father in Vero Beach Florida

When a family of 20 vacations at the Disney Vero Beach Resort, it’s important to

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Extended family together on the beach in Vero Beach Florida

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