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Baby girl Q. is one lucky little lady! This sweet newborn has two of the best big brothers anyone could ask for! At just a couple of weeks old, these boys…..

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So precious! So sweet! So tiny! I could go on and on and on about this adorable newborn. What is it about babies that make you stop and just stare at for hours?

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Newborn girl being held by her father in Vero Beach Florida

A little while back we did this beautiful shoot for this wonderful family that recently welcomed their new son into the world. It was a very beautiful evening which made this family glow all the more brightly. We are so grateful to have been photographing this family for so long, it all started when we […]

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Family walks on the beach during their family photoshoot in Vero Beach Florida

This Newborn photoshoot was very special because it was right around the time of Christmas! We loved doing this shoot so much because who doesn’t love a cuddly baby! This baby boy is going to have the best life growing up with such loving and caring siblings. The best part was how the entire time […]

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Close up of newborn baby boys toes during newborn photoshoot in Vero beach Florida

At 2 months new we welcomed this adorable newborn baby boy and his family into our studio for some newborn’ish photos. It seems like just yesterday we were photographing this lovely couples wedding, and to think now they are welcoming their second son into this world makes us so excited. These parents and their beautiful […]

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Big brother and little brother lay next to each other during newborn session in Downtown Vero Beach Florida

Seems like just yesterday we were downtown photographing their engagement and wedding. Now, here we are downtown again plus one! This butterball of joy joined us in the studio for some newborn’ish photos. At 2 months new, we love the personality and eye contact she gave us the entire time ๐Ÿ™‚    

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Close up photo of new born baby girl looking at her mom during new born session in Vero Beach Florida

Cuteness Alert!!! Words cannot describe how much we adore this family and these photos. So we will just let you sit back and “Oooooohhhh and Ahhhhhhh” over this sweet baby boy!

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Big brother and dog pose around their new little brother during new born session in Vero Beach Florida

It’s a boy! He’s a lucky boy! Why? Because he has 3 amazing sisters to look over and protect him. He is showered with so much love and we cannot be more excited for this family. We have watched the girls grow up and now we are here to watch their baby brother. It’s pretty […]

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Three older sister look up as they pose with their little brother during newborn shoot in Vero Beach Florida

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