Seaglass Photography

A Stormy Family Photo | Disney Vero Beach Resort

It was a dark and stormy night and the seaweed surrounded us… That sounds like the start of a horror story right!? Thankfully we embraced the elements with joy and allowed our editor to do the rest. Attitude is everything. I will never stop repeating that. We can photoshop a lot of things…. but we can’t photoshop personalities or emotions. This was our client’s first trip to the Disney Vero Beach Resort. It also happened to be the same week that we had the worst seaweed that I have seen in a long time. Have no fear extended editing services is here! I know a lot of photographers in the industry want to get everything right in camera. But that pressure kills me and my creativity. For us, family photography is so much more than just a pretty picture… it’s the memory associated with the photo. Our clients get to leave the photo shoot with smiles knowing that they had a great time. And that is everything to us!

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