Seaglass Photography

Disney Vero Beach Sunrise Family Photoshoot

The beauty of the little details. Yes, I love the stunning sunrise that God gifted us with that morning. But it isn’t my favorite detail. The parents and I both agree that Donald Duck stole the show. In this stage of life, the little boy loved his Donald Duck toy. It is that detail that brings the parents joy. Can you spot him in some of the photos?

We encourage parents all the time to embrace this moment in time. Even if it doesn’t fit into your idea of a “perfect photo”, let the kids cling on to what brings them joy. When you embrace the stage of life that you are in, the photos become more magical, more authentic, and more about you. Isn’t that what photos are about anyways? Documenting this stage of life. Remembering it all. That memory is more precious than anything.

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