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K. Family | Vero Beach Moorings

When planning their session, we spoke about how the tides can effect the look of the beach. I explained that in the event that the tide is too high, we have other beach locations as a back-up. The family then told me how special the Moorings Beach Access was to them and that they wanted the session there no matter what. I loved that response SO MUCH! This is a great example of why photography is so much more than just a pretty picture, but an experience as well. They wanted the pictures to reflect a place that was near and dear to their heart. As we go into the holiday season of “gotta get that one perfect shot for the holiday card”, keep this family in mind and embrace beyond “perfection”. If you know me, you know that I am not a fan of seaweed, but this family wanted it kept in…. why… because that is how they remember this beach. Seaweed and all.

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