Seaglass Photography

“Orange” you glad to be in Florida | Family Photography

Family reunions are a dream session for us! It’s not an easy task, to say the least, to gather everyone all in one place at the same time. We feel so lucky to be here to document and capture this rare moment for families. Especially when the family is as fun to photograph as this one! From the moment we met up I knew that we were going to create some amazing images. Bonus is that we had a ton of fun while doing it! The first thing you may notice is the color of their outfits. Orange is not a typical color that we see families dress in. The color choice was inspired by one of the family member’s outfit. Can you guess which one? The evening could not have been more perfect. The sky continued to be amazing allowing the family to be free and fun and themselves. Down the way from where were shooting, a blue boat was stranded and made for a most excellent addition to the photos!

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