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Why we switched to Full-Service Family Photography

When we started the business in 2006, digital photography was still pretty new. In fact, we were hybrid digital and film for the first 2 years. Shoot and Burn photography wasn’t a “thing” yet and unknowingly at the time, we started off as a full-service photography company.

What is the difference?

….. Shoot and Burn Photographer is when a photographer shoots a session and then automatically sends you the digital files. A bulk payment is due upfront prior to the session. …….

…….Full-Service Photographer provides more one on one time between the client and the photographer. The entire experience from planning the session to hanging the photos on the wall is important. The client purchases only the photos that they love. By viewing the photographs together, the photographer is able to assist the client in how to best display their photos…….

When “burn” takes on a new meaning.

In 2007, online galleries came out and we thought “WOW! This is going to be so amazing for clients” We jumped right into being a shoot and burn photographer. We would do a session, upload it online and send it to our clients. Then we would wait anxiously for a reply back. Minutes felt like hours. Hours felt like days. The anxiety of wondering what the clients thought. Ugh! Pure torture.

This all sounds ideal right?? Clients were happy, we were insanely busy and life was good. A few years past and we began to reevaluate the business. To be fully honest, we burnt out. We physically and emotionally could not keep going the way we were. Shoot and Burn took on a whole new term for us.

So did you….?

Client feedback is ALWAYS important to us, so I started to ask around… “Did you print your photos?”. With palm to face, client after client would respond with “Not yet, I got busy” or… I did the Christmas cards, but that was about it.

I just sat there thinking…. I have done a disservice to my clients. I have failed them. I could just see those beautiful photographs being lost in the digital realm of the computer or social media and not being enjoyed daily. And more fearfully, that their kids and grandkids would never see them either.

Around the same time, I came across a photography group on facebook. The group is all about how to provide your clients with a full-service experience. The group brought a light into my heart and reminded me of my roots. It reminded me of why I started this business…. to PRESERVE FAMILY MOMENTS.

In the 13 years of being a photographer, only ONE format in sharing photos has stayed the same and that is PRINT. In a short amount of time, we have witnessed how digitals were provided via…

  • 1. Film Negative
  • 2. CD
  • 3. DVD
  • 4. USB
  • 5. Download.

Many computers no longer contain CD/DVD drives and some are eliminating USB ports. Technology is always evolving and outdating its self. Professional Quality Prints always constant. There truly is nothing like holding a memory in your hand.

We reached a new level of quality!

One of the BEST things about switching to Full Service was the feedback! Sitting with clients and looking at the images together, I was able to learn from the source what they loved and didn’t love. I learned what was most important to them, and how the images impacted their view. I was able to take that feedback and become more confident in my work.

One of the most interesting things that I realized was that my client and I didn’t share the same perspective on what we loved most. My favorite images were not the same as their favorite images!

A big Thank You!

The quality of our business and our life changed for the better when we went back to our roots. I have so much gratitude to the Facebook group for assisting me in creating a thriving business. I have so much LOVE for each client who enjoys our process and has increased our confidence.

We are here for YOU! We hold a space to assist you in creating a legacy for your family with high-quality products that will not fade over time.

Our Favorite Professional Labs

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A final note to say that one type of service is not lesser than or better than the other. Not everyone shops at the same clothing store and so not everyone will agree on which type of photography service is best. What is MOST IMPORTANT is that you create the type of service for clients (or hire the type of photographer) that BEST FITS YOUR NEEDS. Full-service photography fills my soul with joy.

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