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Melbourne Family Photography Session

Tonight took a fun twist! We always start the session off with the “safe” formal photos then ease our way into the more candids. Once we feel it’s time, we let the parents know that it is ok if the kids get wet. Normally when we say this, the kids will do a little splashing and get chased by the waves. Well… not these kids. As soon as we gave the ok to get wet… one by one the kids jumped and belly flopped with full force into the ocean. I looked over to the parents with a little bit of shock. They looked back at us with a smile that said, “Yup, that’s our child” Before we knew it the kids were in full force making memories mode. This is why we love being a family photographer. We get to see kids and parents for who they are. Full sibling mode that included a chicken fight and dog pile. My favorite was that the youngest child was king of the pile! His smile of joy and pride is everything! Be sure to scroll all of the way to the end to see all the joy!

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