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Family of 20 at Disney Vero Beach Resort

I use to cry at the thought of photographing a family of 20! I really did! But now… OMG! The more people the better! I love! Love! LOVE a large family! I know from experience how difficult it can be to gather the ENTIRE family together. It is so special and so important. So to be able to document these occasions just warms my heart right up.

As a team of two photographers, I take each family one by one to create the more “formal” images of each family. While this is going on, Danny stands back and captures real moments between the family. These candids always bring me to tears… but in a good way. Seeing the love and interaction as the family blends into one is just breathtaking.

And this all happened because two people fell in love… it all started with the grandparents.

“Her heart held the greatest power ever known.”

-Gramma Talia of Moana

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