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Epic Union of Love | Vero Beach, FL

This wedding was nothing short of magical!! I am sure that sounds super corny and clique.. but it is true. It was a day that was a long time coming. If you follow @ErinLanahan on Instagram, then you will know just what magic and amazement I am referring to. If you do not follow her, I highly suggest that you do. Erin is best known for gift of empowering women through yoga and life coaching. Being one of those women, it was beyond an honor and pleasure to be apart of what she referred to as an EPIC UNION. Waldos Secret Garden was the perfect setting for this outdoor loving couple. It was a full moon which brought only more magic to their bright shining love. During the planning, rain was of course a topic of discussion. Erin would simply say, I don’t care if it rains… I just want twinkle lights. My dear friends, not only did it not rain, but there was twinkle lights galore and we can’t stop smiling at those photos.

On a side little note… if you are ever invited to a wedding at Waldo’s, be sure to check the invitation in it’s entirety. Otherwise you may end up at the beachside bar instead of the lush garden off of 12th Street. (LOL, love you “V” and glad you found your way to the right location)

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