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Mom’s work hard and play harder! Loved our morning together with just mom and her boys. As a Florida family photographer, we could not ask for a more perfect morning with this family. We adore how active, playful and fun Lindsay was with her boys. As a teacher, summers with her kids are everything! While […]

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“Welcome to our boring life” These are the exact words spoken to me by Traci. I immediately thought of my favorite movie “UP” where the little boy said “It’s the boring stuff I miss the most” Not only do these captured photos reflect anything but boring, but these photos are going to reflect the moments […]

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I wish I had the pleasure of knowing Sam. I only know of his death and the legacy that he left behind. I first met Sam’s wife, Kristen, in the hair product isle at Target. Her daughter Alice Ann has super long hair much like my daughter Lucy. It was a short conversation, but her […]

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I’m not going to lie, I was pretty nervous about documenting a family with no little kids. But I learned something, big kids are just as hysterical, mischievous and fun to document as little ones. My afternoon with the Dugan family was allot of fun! I learned what a champion hula hooper Nicole was! Way […]

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WHAT IS A DOCUMENT YOUR DAY SESSION?  This session is all about the Story of your family. It’s about the moments that happen between your family that you don’t even realize are so special. Your story captured is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and future generations. You live a beautiful […]

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{teaching our daughter to swim at Hawks Cay} What is Document Your Vacay?? We are so glad that you asked! And even more excited to tell you about it! Vacations are some of the most treasured memories that most of us have of our family.  Why not have it documented? I am not talking about […]

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