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Shooting Family Sessions in Bright Daylight

Yes, Florida! The sunshine state! It can be so bright (and hot) here leaving our clients squinting if we shoot at the wrong time of day. There is a reason why the last hour of sunlight is called the “golden hour” and why most (if not all) photographer insists on shooting only during that time. Sounds perfect right!? Well, not for our tiniest of clients whose bedtime happens to be during said witching hour. This leaves us with the conundrum of which is worse, a cranky baby or hot & squinty photos.

I took this problem as a challenge and one that I wanted a solution for. With my dear friends by my side, we headed to the beach almost 3 hours before sunset. Apparently the universe didn’t think that the challenge was hard enough and threw in heavy winds! LOLĀ  Lucky for me, I have awesome friends who embraced the elements. The session played on just like my other “golden hour” sessions. Towards the end, we had a sliver of shade provided by a palm tree. “THANK YOU JESUS”. It was then that we were able to capture some smiling faces without the squinting.

What do you think of the results? Still a fan of the golden hour? Or perhaps, happy hour is the way to go! And by happy hour, I mean when the kids are at their happiest. LOL

*** Added note. These were taken during the spring time when the weather was still in the 80’s and not blazing 100’s like the summer time ****

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