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Photographing Fireworks and all of the Festivities | Vero Beach, FL

Ahhhhh!!! Summer time and the living is easy. The 4th of July can’t get here quick enough. It’s the highlight of the summer and many memories are always waiting to be captured. This includes day time on the water and night time with the majestic fireworks. Here are our favorite tips to help you capture and freeze these amazing moments together.


Vero Beach Family Photography


  • Style it Up! 

Nothing says Fourth of July like the classic RED, WHITE, and BLUE! These colors along with classic stars and stripes will have your photos popping with that sparkle and magic. We suggest hitting up some of our favorite local shops like SEAHORSE LANE and CASP BABY! Plus, shopping local is the only way to go!


  • Scout out your location!

Once you and your family are settled in your location of choice, take a look around. Which angles are going to give you the best “clean” background. We try our best to avoid unwanted signs, strangers, and clutter. In a situation that is crowded or cluttered, we suggest shooting low to utilize the sky. In this photo below, there are a ton of food trucks behind them.  By going low and enticing a race up to the tree, I was able to achieve a clean look while also capturing this childhood moment.


  • Camera Settings!

First and foremost the most important thing is to turn your FLASH OFF! So you will hear mixed reviews on this. Unless you have practiced and understand the delicate balance and dance with your flash, we suggest utilizing the light that is given to you. During the fireworks, find a spot that has a street light or building lights. Use this to light your family.  If you have an SLR, we love utilizing the nifty fifty, also known as the 50 1.4. By setting your fstop to 1.4, you are allowing more light in while keeping the shutter-speed above 60.  We also encourage pushing that ISO up up up! I would rather have grainy photos that are in focus than blurry ones.



  • The Sparklers! 

We have found that the best time for sparklers is at dusk, just before it is pitch dark, My favorite thing about July is the ambient sunset. After the sun has laid to rest, the sky is still bright out with color! The sparkler itself offers some additional light to your families face. PLEASE use caution and safety when handing fire to a child. As you can see here, my husband stayed close by. HERE are a few more safety guidelines to help you and your little stay happy and safe.


  • The Fireworks!

YES! The time is here and the excitement is high! Now, to get that “perfect” shot, you are going to have to take allot of bad ones! I mean like allot! But that is ok, because fireworks tend to last a good amount of time. Utilize the advice above by using street lights to light up your subject, find the right angle, turn off the flash, and shoot shoot shoot. Keep in mind the grand finale!! That is when the sky will be at it’s brightest.


I hope that you have enjoyed our favorite tips and tricks! Don’t forget to hand the camera to a friend so that you are all in at least one photo together. Even if it a wild and crazy one!

From my family to yours, HAPPY 4th of JULY! 


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