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Favorite Must Have Photo Apps.

Vacations are in full swing and most likely, you are snapping away with your phone. So now what?

Here are my top 3 favorite tips and apps to assist you in your iphone summer adventures. ENJOY!






1. All the ❤ and Editing
After a day of snapping away, I like to ❤ my favorite photos.
—> Go into Photos on your phone and hit the ❤ icon.
Once I have those few picked out, I open up Photoshop Express Free Version. Since all of my favs are in one spot, it is easy to find under Albums —> Favorites. My favorite adjustments that I use is the 📷 crop/adjust horizon tool, the contrast, shadows and clarity. These are my typical go to first. Once the edits are complete, you can save photo or have it directly upload to your favorite social media site.





So this app is an absolute favorite of mine! It is easy and doesn’t take allot of time. Score!

What it does do is creates a slideshow of moments through out the year. You can upload videos which you will edit down to 1 second or add photos.  There is even a feature that will automatically fill in the days for you by searching your video library. Boom! Easy and you are given a quick look into your year.  You can text your video to family, upload to Instagram or email the video to your computer.









This is another free app that I cannot live without!! When connected to Wi-fi, google photos will back up your photos online. And this is not like the cloud where you have NO CLUE where to find them. In addition to the app you can simply log onto your google account on your computer and go to google photos. Images are right there and easy to view. You know how much I love things that are simple. This app is simple and automatic. Another great feature is the FREE UP SPACE! The app will detect which images are backed up onto the app and will clean them off of your phone. I was so scared the first few times I did that. Deleting images from my phone makes me want to cry… but running out of space also makes me want to cry. Have you ever had that epic moment when you pulled out your phone to photograph this amazing thing happening only for your phone to say FULL! Ugh! Yeah, it’s not cool . I love that on the app, I can pull up and look at photos from 3 years ago. Trust me, it’s way better that storing them in Photos on your phone.




I do hope that you have found this post useful and fun! Enjoy your summer and keep on snapping!

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