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Fast and Furious | Birth Story Vero Beach Fl

At 1:30 pm this mom was sent home from the hospital at only 3 cmm dilated. With that, we prepared for the long haul. Just a few hours later, and only minutes of getting to the hospital, baby girl was born with barely a push! “It was like a movie” her husband says as he tells the story of them jumping into the car, racing through the streets as her water broke in the car and checking into the ER which was in lockdown. The excitement continued the next morning with big sister meeting little sis for the first time. Unlike the birth, things went a little more predictable. Birth stories always fascinate me. It is so amazing to document WHO was there and see the expressions of love and adoration. I mean, how cool would it be to see photos from the day you were born! It’s an amazing gift to provide your family with.

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