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Back to where it all began | Vero Beach Story

During the planning stages with the “M” family, we went through a lot of ideas. The one constant factor was the beach. We knew that the beach was the right place for them. As a photographer, we have a couple of our favorite beach spots. The plan was all set and the day arrived. That afternoon I received a message asking if we can changes beaches. We are super flexible and I agreed, but I also was curious as to why. It turns out that the beach they wanted to change to was the beach where they were engaged! My heart grew so much for this idea and my excitement doubled. Normally, we try to avoid crowded beaches, but for this I didn’t care and would just do my best to work around it. If you are a local, you understand that the Driftwood is a popular place! To our surprise, it was like we had the entire beach to ourselves!

When it came time to design their album, I love love love that they chose an image of them as a couple. So often, we put all of our focus on our kids that we tend to make time for our spouses. I love the image that they picked as it shows their kids just how much they love each other. It is a beautiful example for kids to see their parents in love and happy together.

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