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A Gift for Me for Christmas | Family Documentary

I was selfish this Christmas and it was the best thing I ever did! This is my family’s second annual Christmas Experience. Instead of buying gifts, we meet up in Orlando for a weekend getaway. As much as I love love love to photograph my family, I amsad to look back on last year and see that I am not in many photos. Now, realize, I am not at any ideal weight or look how I would like to, so being behind the camera can be an escape of sorts. What I realized though, is that my daughter is missing out by me being behind the camera. She has amazing pictures of herself and family… but not many with her mom. And even less with her mom and dad in the same photo! Not only are the pictures not being captured, but moments are not happening because I am hiding behind the camera. So I told my family that I hired a photographer to hang out with us for the day to capture all of the goodness. I would like to say that it went over well with them, but it didn’t. They were nervous and hesitant… and probably a little mad at me. Enter to the room Erin Heuser Photography. Any worries quickly melted away as her kind spirit lights up a room. We didn’t have much planned that day. Just a trip to the mall to meet Santa, do some shopping and do Christmas crafts. The moments that Erin captured leave me speechless. I will allow my favorite images below to do most of the talking. I will leave you with this… Day in the Life sessions are the B E S T, most relaxing and most rewarding type of session you will ever experience! ThankĀ  you Erin for sharing your talent with us!!!!

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