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Day in the Life of the “C” family | Vero Beach

It was simply a normal day for the Cullen family… well, as normal as a day can be with 3 kids! The imagination of these kids was never ending and always entertaining! There were no plans except for the family dinner. In conversation before the session, Morgan mentioned to me how her mom said how special dinner time was to her and how she will always cherish those memories of being together around the table. So with that, I offered up the idea of inviting them over.


It is so hard to put into words just how amazing documentary photography really is! There is so much beauty in our everyday lives. Beauty that goes unseen. Beauty that I get to capture. Beauty that will be cherished and enjoyed for many lifetimes. I am so thankful to the families who open up their homes to me and my camera. It’s never easy picking narrowing my favorites for the blog, so be sure to check out the slideshow for more goodness!


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