Seaglass Photography

Rustic Family Fall Photo | Vero Beach Fl

FIVE!!!! I have been documenting this adorable and always well dressed family for F I V E years!!!!! What?! I cannot get over how fast the time has flown by! Every year has been an adventure with them in front of my camera. This year we ventured onto a private property (with permission of course) and explored around finding beautiful light and an old truck. These kids were such troopers as it was a hot and humid day!!! Everything was going great… until it wasn’t. The youngest got a bug bite. After a while we realized that the meltdown would end the session early… but not completely. Sometimes (ok, a lot of the times) working with kids takes patience and flexibility. At my suggestion, we ended the session and rescheduled to come back and finish the final shots. The youngest returned with a smile and a sense of adventure! The images we finished with are stunning and worth the extra time!

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