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Daddy and Daughter Day at the Beach | Vero Beach Fl

When it’s your own family, you can’t help but be a little biased in thinking that they are best family ever. But seriously, my husband is such an amazing father to our little girl. While she may look like a little dare devil in these photos, she was actually very reserved and unsure about the boogie board. She wanted to ride, but was scared. Danny was so patient and reassuring to her, even times when she fell flat on her face. I am so proud that she would get back up and do it again! She taught me a thing or two that day about being brave. It amazing how much I learn daily from her.

dad carrying daughter and boogie board into the ocean in Vero Beach Florida Father in the ocean with toddler girl catching a wave on her boogie board Toddler girl holding up two buckets at the beach. Toddler girl being splashed by water at the beach in Vero Beach Florida Father pushing daughter on the boogie board in Vero Beach Florida on a bright sunny day little girl catching a wave with her boogie board while her dad runs behind her in Vero Beach Florida

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